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About Lakeside Marina Inc.

Lakeside Marina Inc. is a limited liability company incorporated in the United States and Kenya intent on creating a world class quality marina in Kisumu to help support the current Kisumu lakefront development initiatives by the County Government of Kisumu.

The City of Kisumu is experiencing a major transformation as a business, tourism and entertainment destination for both local residents and international visitors. Currently there is no inland marina on Lake Victoria in Kenya.

For far too long, Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and second largest in the world, has not been easily accessible from Kisumu. Lakeside Marina Inc. is intent of changing this narrative by supporting the County Government of Kisumu with this marina. The County’s current plans of redeveloping the Kisumu waterfront for the benefit of its residents, the greater region and Kenya a whole is a welcome initiative that is way overdue. A revitalized waterfront will bring added tourism, business, trade and transportation amongst other key benefits, boosting the economy of Kisumu and the region.

By implementing this marina project, it is expected to a generate a sustainable amount of revenue to the County of Kisumu, adding value to the larger Blue Economy of the region. Lakeside Marina Inc.’s proposed marina in Kisumu will be the first of its kind and will offer more tourist attractions and boost economic value to the County of Kisumu with many diverse economic opportunities for the county and create new investment/job opportunities for locals in the County. We will design and implement this development to boost locals employment opportunities, skills development and overall welfare to foster a stronger, more equitable and more cohesive community.

Lakeside Marina Inc. will also work together with the key stakeholders to ensure the marina is designed, built and run in a sustainably green approach, conserving the environment and mitigating negative human impacts.

We will use the most relevant and latest technologies and techniques from other regions of the world and adapt them to the context of Kisumu. Phase I will consist of berths with all the necessary infrastructure: piers, fueling station, boat storage and repair facility, convenience shops, club house, hotels and serviced apartments.

Lakeside Marina Inc. is looking forward to the waterfront development and to working in tandem with its stakeholders and supporters for the benefit of Kisumu.

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